Cristina Khamidoulin is a Spanish actress with Russian origins. As a young child, she already started to show a great interest in the arts and movies. With both her parents coming from the Former Soviet Union, they have had a great influence on her and her passion. Her father is a former professional athlete and her mother is a musician, so it is no surprise that she was born with the sensitivity and the will to create emotions.

Movies represent the highest communication tool; through the screen people can reach anything they wish in their real lives. With this belief, Cristina is determined to share her passion with anyone who looks into her eyes.

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She has studied Acting for Film and TV at the prestigious NYFA (New York Film Academy), at the Margie Haber Studio (Hollywood) and at the Film Institute in Madrid, learning from outstanding professionals. She has also successfully completed a Double Degree in Journalism and International Relations at the European University of Madrid and speaks fluent Spanish, Russian and English. 

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In her own words...

"Every time I have a script in my hands it is like a million doors open to explore the unknown emotions and feelings of someone whose life is different than mine.

I started acting when I was a teenager, I felt it as an escape to my daily reality and something I could do to be away from my problems. When I was acting, when I was reading someone else’s circumstances, I didn’t worry about mine, so that seemed to be a good way to release the pressure of those difficult years every teenager goes through. I was studying journalism and acting for film at the same time, but soon I enrolled full-time at the acting academy. I spent my first year studying Method acting and another 3 more specialising in other techniques. I love the way a movie can immediately touch anyone without words, but with the experience of feeling and living what they see on the screen.

We all have a role to play in the society and a certain way to behave in public, that is our mask. The mask doesn’t mean we are not being ourselves, it is necessary for our daily communication with others. However, when people watch a story it’s like their souls connect with the characters and for a couple of hours they have no masks and a different life. It works the same way for me as an actress, when I am the character on screen I can switch lives and enjoy the privilege of living someone else’s chances."