Dressage Rider



After a beautiful experience in the north of Spain with a horse called "Caminero", I went back to Madrid and started to take riding lessons. From there on, I spent hours and hours training and enjoying dressage. It all began as a simple hobby, but now it is what gives me the air and the balance I need in my life. Today I have several horses, which I love with all my heart but definitely “Tribaldi” has shaped the most important years of my life and therefore I want to dedicate this part of my website to him. He is the most special and powerful horse I’ve ever had, he taught me not only the technique but also values and morals that one cannot find in books. Representing Spain, we have competed together in national and international competitions, and, essentially, it’s thanks to him that I fell in love with horses. Nowadays I keep on training.

I also count on great sponsors that support me. Thanks to them the sport becomes easier, I feel very lucky to have them all by my side.



KWPN/ Gribaldi x Vanitas

Rock Island

HANN/ Rubin Royal x Fürstenball

Rey du Sol

OLD/ Roi du Soleil x Stedinger


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